As a tutor I’m often asked “How long does it take to learn the guitar?” well that really depends on how much you practise… the best idea is not to get hung up on that question and just go for it. We take the lessons at your speed and progress when you’re feeling comfortable with the material; even if you’ve never played a single note I’m confident you’ll be able to play some of your favourite songs in a matter of weeks.

Click the tabs below to see examples of what I might teach at various stages of learning the guitar and don’t forget check out the blog for new articles and lessons.

I like to start with a few simple melodies, chords and strumming patterns just to get the fingers and hands moving with a basic level of coordination. We take a look at notation and encourage the use of ears with some fun exercises – the aim is to create a solid, well-rounded foundation on which to build.

Example Piece –
Here we have ‘Wild Thing’, ‘Happy’, ‘Smoke on the Water’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ written in guitar tablature. Great tunes to get our fingers working in different ways – the majority of songs can be simplified to any ability level so we can always play something you like.

View the chart ↓

I help you continue to develop your music theory and fretboard knowledge whilst introducing some more intricate scale shapes, chords and rhythmical patterns. Also taking a look at various techniques such as fingerstyle, string bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs, sliding, harmonics, vibrato and see how we can apply them musically.

Here we move onto advanced interval training and work on developing a competent grasp of sight reading and theory. What are ‘modes’ and how to use them, building extended chords and arpeggios. Advanced techniques such as two-handed tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, hybrid picking, whammy bar technique, string skipping and legato.

How I Teach…

I provide all chord charts, tab/notation and slowed down audio; this makes learning easy as it allows you to hear the exact phrasing and feel of the tune and progress at a rate which feels comfortable to you – it’s also a lot more fun to practice with the whole band!


Prices are £25 per ¾ hour lesson and include travel to your home.
skype icon lessons are also available.

  • Learn with an electric, acoustic steel string, classical nylon string or bass guitar.
  • Ukulele lessons are also available.
  • Play styles from Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop, Acoustic Fingerstyle, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Country, Heavy Metal and Reggae.
  • I can write using guitar tablature or musical notation depending on the students’ preference.
  • Rockschool and Trinity syllabuses grades 1-8, taught upon request.
  • I can help students prepare for live performances such as gigs, school concerts, talent shows and grade exams.
  • I can also offer advice when purchasing new equipment, changing strings, guitar maintenance and using effects.